Empathy is an eternal attribute of the soul. It only increases when our soul desires to increase it. With empathy, we can feel compassion for those souls in a lower condition of love, and lovingly act upon it. When we chose to have an empathic relationship with those in a greater condition of love, we can receive their love and wisdom.

Empathy is the foundation of relationships. Like-minded souls are in a “sympathetic” relationship when they enter communities in the spirit world. When we “treat others as we wish to be treated”, it is an empathic relationship based on ethics, morality and the exchange of love.

The Sun and the Earth are in a sympathetic relationship. All of the glands and organs are in a sympathetic relationship with each other. When one organ is diseased, all the other organs respond accordingly. All humans are in a sympathetic relationship with Nature. When a human is diseased, it affects the plants and animals around them. The Kingdoms and Elements of Nature can harmonize the material body.

When we lovingly desire to increase our empathy with the spirit world, we begin to develop a harmonic relationship between our souls and the world around us. Gradually, we heighten our awareness and enjoyment of the Divine Symphony.

Empathy is the foundation of Prayer. Empathy is defined as, “the ability to Understand and Feel the feelings of another.” When we chose to do so, we will Eternally be increasing our empathic relationship with God and each other.