Rayid Iridology Courses Australia 2018

Rayid Iridology Courses Australia 2018
International Webinar | face to face in Melbourne & Adelaide

Learn the iris: the lessons and gifts of all of the iris positions, constitutions, iris rings + much more
RAYID provides important insights about your spiritual evolution and that of your family.
RAYID offers powerful tools for self-healing, self-empowerment and for nurturing your soul and its destiny.
You will uncover the trans-generational origins of relationship patterns, health challenges, & significant life events.
Learn about the vibrations of glands, organs & body systems.
Learn how the façade of the persona switches on unresolved feeling in your family tree and how that effects your health and relationship patterns.
Learn how to increase light and love for yourself, your children, and future generations of your family tree.
Learn to integrate your shadow to evolve your consciousness.
By understanding the patterns in your iris, the influence of your birth order position, and the ever-presence of ancestors, you are able to grow and evolve in remarkable ways – and to assist others to do the same.
Experience profound and moving meditations

4 Day Intensive or 2 Day Introduction 9.30am – 4.30pm (Australian EST) daily in:

Melbourne May 2018
12 & 13 May – Wk 1
26 & 27 May – Wk 2

Adelaide October 2018
6 & 7 Oct – Wk1
20 & 21 Oct – Wk2

If enrolling via international / remote webinar please allow 2 weeks before the beginning of the class to allow for a workbook (and if doing the 4 day class Rayid Birth Order charts) to be posted to you

more information and bookings www.naturopathic-care.com

4 Day Course $495 Early bird (expires 30th April 2018) Full Price $595
2 Day Course $295 Early bird (expires 30th April 2018) Full Price $345

Melbourne course held at Helping Nature Heal
12 Hunt St, Balwyn North VIC 3104
Adelaide Endeavour College of Natural Health campus
88 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000


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Rayid Iridology Courses

This course is recognised with the Australian Natural Therapists Association for CPE points.

“To look into the iris is to be kneeling before the sacred cathedral of the soul”. This course will change the way you view health and healing. Whether you are a health practitioner, student or simply have an interest in wellbeing, this course will enrich your understanding of what it means to heal. Whether you choose to use this information in your professional practice or just with yourself, friends and family, you will learn about how the iris and genetics impact health. It has been a core influence in my practice, both professionally and privately. Jason Eldridge is an exceptional presenter who teaches with humility, humour and a passion for this priceless modality.

With gratitude Katerina”