1st International Spirit Seminar: The Soul, Ancestors, and The Family Tree
May 16, 17 (Sat-Sun), 2015

Venue: The Nourishing Place, Tennessee St., Gulfport, MS
Locality: Gulfport, MS
…fly into New Orleans, Gulfport, MS or Mobile, AL

For More Info, Contact Betty Sue O’Brian: betty.obrian@gmail.com   228-257-1946

2-Day Seminar: The Soul, Ancestors, and The Family Tree
May 30, 31 (Sat-Sun), 2015
9-5, 4-8

Venue: The Philosophical Library, 1330 E Valley Pkwy #G (behind IHOP)
Locality: Escondido, CA
…fly into San Diego (SAN)

For More Info, Contact Keith Smith: info@milesresearch.com   760-489-6889

For more Event info, please see the flyer:

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With Denny Johnson (Available year-round)

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